Medical-Surgical Care

Medical Surgical Care

Medical surgical nursing (med surg) at 正规赌博十大平台排行 provides care for patients with a variety of medical conditions, or who may be preparing for or recovering from surgery.


To provide high quality and safe care to the patients we serve and develop mutual plans of care with a multidisciplinary team approach to achieve optimal health.


Med surg includes several types of care, including:
Patients who are borderline on whether or not they should be admitted as regular inpatients are admitted to  observation for just that-an observation period, after which they are either discharged or admitted as an inpatient.
Acute care
General admission for a medical condition that comes on rapidly and requires urgent or short-term care, like pneumonia.
Hospice care

Focuses on pain management and comfort for those nearing end of life.

Skilled care
Skilled Care is available to patients who no longer require acute level hospital care but are still not quite ready to leave and be on their own at home. The skilled care setting provides nursing care, medication administration, individualized assessments and care plans, rehabilitation services, wound care and access to providers and hospital services.


正规赌博十大平台排行 offers around the clock care by a caring and compassionate team that includes nursing, hospitalists, pharmacy, lab, imaging (radiology), dietary and housekeeping. In addition, physicians at academic medical centers provide consultation through telehealth services provided by Avel eCare Hospitalist as needed.

The med surg unit is surveyed by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA) every three years.


Adair County Memorial Hospital
609 SE Kent St.
Greenfield, IA 50849

Phone: 641-743-2123 main hospital line

Hours: Med surg is always open, 24/7, including weekends and holidays